Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo
Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo

CLOCK REPAIR / Clock Restoration / Before Restoration

This was a non working antique clock that needed compete restoration. Everything on the clock was repaired.  The clock and case repair as well as all restoration was done in house as well as the gilding and art work. 


I truly enjoy working on ornate gilded clocks. Repairing and restoring the movement is the easiest part . Reproducing the maker's creativity takes a little more effort and talent. 


Unique or one of a kind clocks have their own sets of challenges and make for a project that I enjoy working on. You can feel comfortable with bringing me your unique clock to repair, clean, or restore. I accept clocks from all over the USA. 


I can repair broken cases , moulding, glass, and just about anything else . All woodworking is done on site with period correct mouldings and trim. 


I locate hard to find parts or components. If someone says they can't fix it, give me a call. Sometimes I can do the impossible. 


I love working on Seth Thomas, Ingraham , and Ansonia , just to mention a few American clocks. 

I also love working on many French clocks such as Japy Freres, A.D Mougin, Jean Minoche, Vincenti , and others. 


Antique clocks tell a story of our history. They depict quality craftsmanship and ingenuity. You can see the materials that were used in different periods , the artistry, and the creativity. You can tell what the masters thought and how they solved issues of the times. They are more than just timepieces. They are truly works of art. Most amateur collectors start with one , and before they know it , they have clocks all over the house. 


A beautiful antique clock can make a statement in any room . They can be used as paintings to fill wall space and add color and texture to any room or setting. I love works of art and especially ones in the form of a clock. 


We also buy and sell antique clocks. We usually have several available. So if you are looking for an addition to your mantel or wall , feel free to come in and take a look. If you have an antique clock that you wish to sell , feel free to ask. The more unique the clock the better. 





Clock Case Repair and Restoration /                    After Restoration



This Putti figurine was first cleaned to bring out the true colors that were originally used. Then a plan was implemented to restore the Putti. There were four on this clock that needed total restoration. All fine art work was performed by Maestro Angelo.


I Maestro Angelo repairs cases of all kinds. He does Grandfather clock case repair , cuckoo clock case repair , mantel clock case repair , and much more. Many times, along with the case repair , comes the art work restoration. He does it all. 

He takes in work from many major areas in the county such as New York , Washington DC, Boston , Miami and Florida as a whole. He also receives many clocks from California and Hawaii. 






Antique Clock Restoration By Maestro    Angelo

Clock Restoration / 1894 Ansonia RESTORATION

Beautiful desk top or mantel clock. Another complete restoration by Maestro Angelo. This beautiful Ansonia was completely restored and working perfectly . 




Complete gilded restoration. All work done on premisis .  Movement cleaned , repaired,and oiled . Metal case completely dismantled , gilded, and re-assembled. 



Antique clock repair and restoration                                     Clock repair and restoration WestChester                      Case repair and restorations                                            Clock repair Downingtown                                            Cuckoo clock repair                                              Grandfather clock repair



Maestro Angelo's  restorations and repairs in Chester county are second to none.  We are located in West Bradford twp., Downingtown, Pa.  We restore and repair  movements, historical movements, and cases of all kinds. We are only local shop that can repair badly damaged clock cases.  Maestro Angelo will treat your beauty as his. He will be there if you ever have any questions and need help to set it up. He does house calls to help you set up your clock .  Before leaving the shop, all clocks are perfectly timed.  We work on intricate and delicate one of a kind antique clocks. Some clock repairs take longer than others. Finding antique clock parts takes time and persistence. We can source old clock parts to make your heirloom run again. Antique clocks are more than just clocks. They are works of art created by artisans who had a passion for their art. So many antique clocks have been neglected for many years. We love to bring those clocks back to life and resurrect a time gone by. We go beyond Chester county and accept clocks from anywhere in the country. 
 Maestro Angelo offers the highest workmanship in the business. He is not happy unless you are happy.      

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