Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo
Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo

 Antique clock repair and restoration in Chester county 



We are conveniently located in Chester county , Pa. and repair and restore any antique clock . Restoration work is our specialty. I have spent my entire life mastering my trade and I constantly keep learning. I'm a graduate of Villanova University and am an artisan at heart. I love working with my hands and making things look and work as new again . I love to see happiness and amazment in my client's eyes when they see their new restored clock for the first time. It gives me great pleasure. If I can't do something right , I won't do it at all. I strive for perfection and attain it as much as possible. We repair and restore each antique clock and case properly. We also restore  antique furniture when asked to do so. I will work with you to achieve the desired finished product. Our shop takes commissioned jobs from  all over the country. Please feel free to contact us with your project .
  Maestro Angelo will evaluate your clock's needs and proceed with the proper plan. All clocks are different and need different means of attention. We do cleaning, simple to elaborate repairs, all fine art work that may be needed, and complete refurbishing of movements. If movements are beyond repair , we can source new ones. All fine carpentry work on cases is done on site. We handle all staining, painting, and finishing of any kind. 


Clock case repair Pa. We are the premier clock case repair shop in all of Pa. We can repair any case wether it be wood , marble , or metal. You can also ship us your clock case if you are too far to travel. 
 We do not work on battery operated or newer electric clocks. We do not work on plastic or Chinese clocks. 
 We do not work on Chinese reproductions . If any of these clocks break , feel free to dispose of them. 




We only work on electric clocks that are vintage ; meaning from the 1940's or older. There are some beautiful vintage electric clocks with Westminster chimes. We do work on those. 


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