Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo
Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo

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Here are a few examples of clock case repairs that I can do.  Even if you think that your clock case may be too far gone, I may be able to repair it. These old cases are irreplaceable and all one can do is try to repair them. I can repair wood, metal, and marble cases. Once again I do all work in house. I can also make new marble or granite bases for mantel clocks. I always save as much of the old wood as possible and only replace what is missing. 


While repairing or restoring antique wood clock cases, I use proper repair techniques so that the case looks as original as possible. I also take my time and achieve a proper finish. It is just more than just applying a coat of stain. Usually it take several coats of several colors of stains and several coats of the appropriate protective finish. 

Most clock cases were built by craftsmen and are very well contructed. I can achieve amazing repairs because I have a good product to start with. Most clock shops do not get involved with clock case repairs. They lack an in-house master carpenter . Here, I can handle any clock case repair , and am able to service not only the movement but all else. 



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