Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo
Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo

National Clock Repair     Bring or send us your clock Clock repair USA

 We offer National Pick-up of Antique and Historical Clocks needing clock repair, clock case repair, clock restoration, and/or fine art restoration. 
If you do not feel comfortable shipping a large or expensive clock, we offer a pick-up service that is nation wide. We understand that these clocks are pieces of fine art and need special care . We have a large truck that can accomodate any size clock. You can also bring us your timepiece, and later have us deliver it. You can meet the Maestro and feel comfortable that your clock is in good hands. We realize that there are very few people that are capable of this type of restoration work and even fewer that can handle your fine art needs.  We want to make our services available to all. PLease call for quotes or any questions you may have. We  perform all fine art work and restoration on site. We can handle all gilding , fine art painting, and restorations to cases of all kinds. If new woodworking is needed , we perform that task in house. Nothing is sent out and your clock will be safe in our shop.
 We are able to dismantle and reassemble clocks on site . We are local to West Bradford , chester county Pa. but receive clocks from all over the United States . Some local areas that we receive many clocks from are Philadelphia, Washington D.C, New York, New Jersey including the Jersey shore, and many other neighboring areas.  The Maestro picks up clocks from Washington D.C , New York , and the Jersey shore quite often. You are also most welcome to make an appointment and bring us your clock . 


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