Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo
Antique Clock Restoration by Maestro Angelo

Thomas Russell / Clockmaker to the Queen / Fine Art Restoration

This clock dates back to approx. 1867 and was made by Thomas Russell and Sons. This clock is a perfect example of the fine art restoration that I can accomplish. Thomas Russell and Sons were the official clockmakers to Queen Victoria of England. Many parts had to be custom made as replacements are not available. The spelter/metal case needed extensive repair. This clock had fallen off the mantel at one time and suffered major damage. The base was missing as well as many components. What I could not find, I reproduced in shop. 

A new spear  was made to properly fit the hunter and the overall dimensions of the clock. The old gold leaf finish was removed and each part was individually painted before assembly. We do all fine art work in house so that we can make sure that all work is done properly. There is no need to hire an outside artist. Maestro Angelo can personally handle the fine art restoration himself. 

Even the dial was refurbished . A new old stock dial could not be sourced so we worked with what we had and produced a beautiful finshed dial. 



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